Torrey Project

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I advise & execute on new strategies for pivoting a global nonprofit, including sustainable revenue & scaling while maintaining accessibility to underserved entrepreneurs. I collaborate directly with all staff, including CEO and volunteers.

Projects include:

  • Bootcamp with multi-stakeholder capitalism framework
  • Accelerator with multi-stakeholder capitalism framework
  • Non-dilutive revenue-based venture fund (Venture RBF)
  • Impact investors’ network
  • Online academy
  • Research book & documentary


  • Formed several new local and national partnerships and collaborations. Recruited 8 volunteers (from 1).
  • Strategized on pivot and led transition to online programs due to COVID-19. Oversaw strategy and execution of bootcamp, graduating 19 conscientious entrepreneurs in 5 states & Canada. Expanding to 4 online cohorts in 2021. Launching accelerator in 2021.

About Torrey Project:

Based in San Diego, California and lead by a diverse group of seasoned global business leaders, Torrey Project is a global catalyst for the world of business, social enterprise, and multi-stakeholder focused startups. We believe socially conscious, sustainable business is the most powerful source to create shareholder wealth and be a transformative force for good in the world. 

Our mission is to cultivate businesses that will each, in their own way, accelerate the transition from conventional “Shareholder” capitalism to a more conscious form of balanced, multi-stakeholder focused business. Our vision is that business generates the best returns when it also serves the needs of all stakeholders — internally and externally. 

Our network of seasoned global business leaders and senior executives share the belief that sustainable shareholder value is maximized when business owners and leaders practice a passionate commitment to serving employees, suppliers, customers, their communities, culture and the environment, and society at large.

We’re committed to creating significant positive change in the world — by tapping into the power of business globally as a force for good, and acting as a catalyst to accelerate a more balanced multi-stakeholder approach in businesses large and small.