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Isabel gets $!#% done. That’s how I describe her when speaking with others! Isabel is the person who leads/attends a meeting, and is implementing projects and ideas soon after. Isabel is great at identifying opportunities and needs, and finding resources to get the job done – whether it’s introducing people, networking, or new software. She jumps into learning new technologies, and is patient in explaining it to others. Speaking of, Isabel is one of the calmest, most patient people I think I have ever met. She is professional and kind, and look forward to working with her whenever possible.

Jessa Spainhower
Co-Founder at A STELLAR CO |
Founder at Shirt Sauna, Inc. |
Co-Host of the ORION Podcast |
Partner at Runway to Regeneration |

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I have worked with Isabel at Torrey Project for over a year now and can state, without reservation, that she is an extraordinary talent.  Since joining our staff Isabel has been the quiet but surefooted force that is driving our organization forward in so many key ways.

As a new non-profit organization, we are working with extremely limited resources and, as one might expect, the workload far exceeds the staff we can afford to pay.  Seeing that this was the case, Isabel went about building a team of incredibly talented volunteers who have managed to shoulder the burden of running our educational cohorts, driving our social media campaigns and putting in place the myriad systems and disciplines that are required to run a rapidly growing organization.

One of the things I like most about working with Isabel is that she is fearless in facing into respectful, but difficult, conversations. She has challenged me to look move closely at so many things that I never paid enough attention to, yet she has never once hurt my feelings or embarrassed me. She is a kind and gentle force for good in our organization.

I hope that I never lose Isabel, but if I did, I can assure you that I would definitely re-hire her, if given the chance. If you like working with highly talented and incredibly smart people, I am sure you will enjoy working with Isabel. I certainly do.

David Ferran
CEO & Founder at Torrey Project |
Managing Director & Founder at Venture RBF |

I worked with Isabel in several capacities with Women In Bio before the pandemic and after. Isabel was a leader in both our MAPS professional development program as well as a pioneer and leader in our micro-community program. She made incredible contributions and importantly was also a part of successful succession to new leaders when she moved on. Isabel is skilled at both building and maintaining incredible, carefully planned and artfully executed programs. She is a master of detail, strategic in her approach, creative in collaboration and she thinks outside of the box to resolve challenges. She is a joy to work with and any organization would benefit from the skill, heart and commitment she brings to all that she does. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Isabel anytime.

Jennie Starr
Chair Emeritus, Women In Bio Southern California |

“Scientist, administrator, lab manager, events coordinator, you name it she’s got it” I had the pleasure working with Isabel when I first joined the Life Sciences industry, she was instrumental to me in getting all information needed to define and run a sourcing strategy for setting up a new lab. Above all, I was impressed with Isabel’s ability to be on top of every project assigned to her and her attention to detail. Isabel is knowledgeable and always willing to share that knowledge with the team. She would be an asset for any position requiring background in science, project management or community building.

Jenny Monterroso
ePIC BIO Director at LabFellows |

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I had worked with Isabel at Women in Bio South California MAPS program for about 1.5 yr. As Chair for MAPS, Isabel has been a great mentor, team player, and a leader. We have together launched two cohorts of peer groups, leading to expansion of WIB membership and enhanced engagement in the virtual world. Isabel is highly efficient when managing the program projects, and provide trainings on tools and platforms. I’m also amazed by her entrepreneurship and continuous effort to build connections between people and organizations. During the time we worked together, Isabel helped me grow and navigate through uncertainty and pivot quickly. I would highly recommend Isabel for her strategic thinking, team management, and leadership.

Yuchen Wang
Co-Chair, Women in Bio MAPS Southern California |